Granite is 100% natural stone with a dense structure that took millions of years to form in nature. Granite is formed by crystallization of lava in the earth. This natural stone is found and mined in different parts of the world and it is interesting to note that granite in one specific region is slightly different from granite in another region both in terms of its structure and color range. Granite stands out primarily for its unique pattern, but also for its strength and durability. Granite tolerates temperature fluctuations well and is therefore suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Granite is the most widely used natural stone in the world.

Granite is a popular natural stone for making kitchen countertops as well as for finishing fireplace mantels, fireplaces, and barbecue corners. Due to its resistance to cold, granite is an ideal choice for an outdoor kitchen countertop. Dark-colored granites are better suited for outdoor kitchen countertops as light colors tend to get dirty more easily

Nero Assoluto Polished
Price from € 253 / m2

Nero Assoluto Flamed/Brushed
Price from € 275 / m2

Nero Assoluto Honed
Price from € 253 / m2

Emerald Pearl
Price from € 268 / m2
Blue Pearl
Price from € 277 / m2

Angola Black
Price from € 198 / m2

Nero Africa
Price from € 187 / m2
Star Galaxy
Price from € 302 / m2

Steel Grey
Price from € 219 / m2

Baltic Brown
Price from € 187 / m2

Tan Brown
Price from € 228 / m2

Multicolor Red
Price from € 239 / m2
Balmoral Red
Price from € 255 / m2

Juparana Colombo
Price from € 183 / m2

Jura Grey
Price from € 295 / m2

Bianco Sardo
Price from € 121 / m2
Rosa Beta
Price from € 101 / m2
Verde Savana
Price from € 302 / m2
Azul Valverde
Price from € 186 / m2
Bohus Grey
Price from € 234 / m2