Bianco Sardo

Location of the mine: Sardinia, Italy. Bianco Sardo is a popular stone for kitchen countertops but is also widely used for floor tiles and façades. Granite is the world’s most widely used natural stone, found in a wide variety of colors. In terms of technical properties, granite is the best among natural stones: exceedingly strong and dense even when used intensively.
Granite Bianco Sardo is stain and heat resistant, low porosity with a porosity of 0.2% - 0.4%, and scratch resistant.. 

€ 121 / m² (20 mm) –  polished
€ 165 / m² (30 mm) – polished
VAT will be added to the prices.

Thickness: 20 mm; 30 mm
Surface: polished



How to order worktops?

  • If you already have drawings and/or measurements for your worktops, kindly e-mail these to us at
  • Once the cabinets underneath the countertops and the framework are installed, fixed, and leveled, we’ll agree on a time for us to take measurements.
  • Our expert will take exact measurements for the countertops and prepare the drawings.
  • We custom-make worktops as a special order.
  • We’ll transport your stone countertop to you and install it.
  • Contact us also by calling +372 56993344 and we’ll calculate an approximate price for you.